Beware the SEO Warlocks!!! (A guide to Black Hat Optimization)

Nobody ever said your climb to the top would be simple. If it was, would it really be worth your time? Of course not! Simplicity brings overpopulation. When too many people are at the top... suddenly, the peak turns into the base. You have to climb higher. Ascend above what our minds tell us is the "best" and travel beyond "comfortable" expectations. Research will tell us that most people don't have the fortitude to reach past their limits. History tells us that it doesn't matter, unless everyone knows about it. I will tell you that no one should decide your motivation, nor your destination, except you. What ultimately matters is HOW you are remembered. Not whether you have a legacy or not. Are you Honest Abe, or John Wilkes Booth? Kennedy or Oswald? Will you practice White Hat or Black Hat SEO?

And, What Exactly is meant by Black Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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Black Hat SEO is simply put, tactics employed to abuse the algorithm used by search engines to garner ranking your site hasn't earned. People who engage in black hat methods, normally do not focus on an audience, so much as they do data points. Example. Have you ever clicked a link for what you thought was the exact item you wanted, only to find you've visited some random search engine? Or, have you clicked a link and the entire site was full of random information. To the point that what you wanted can't even be indexed? If you answered yes, then you know exactly why Google, Yahoo and other search engines frown upon Black Hat SEO techniques. They do nothing more than waste you time, and provide no depth of information you may actually need. Lots of websites using this artistry are very affiliate ad heavy, and offer an array of useless links and open-ended info. In short, search through www.thisisexactlywhatyouneed.lies all day long and you will gain nothing. What's more, after a while, these sites disappear, because Google finally figures out their game, and bans whatever they offer.

There are also lighter versions of underground SEO, most webmasters don't even realize they use. Though they won't necessarily garner bad reviews from your peers (they'll just think you're an angelic idiot) search engine algorithms will still treat you as an online outlaw, internet thug... website fel- you get the idea! I've provided a short list below. For a more comprehensive version, please reference "44 Techniques That Tank Your Site (Black Hat SEO Techniques)"

Keyword Stuffing, Irrelevant Keywords, Bait and Switch, Content Automation, Cloaking, Malicious Content, Content Scams, Link Manipulation, Content Spamming, Crowded Footer Links... The possibilities are a lot more numerous than this. Right now, I will only tackle a couple practices.

These Black Hat Tactics Will Get You Shot!! Penalized by Search Queries

Negative SEO: Falsely reporting your competitors, in order to lower their rankings while simultaneously boosting your own. Hopefully, you won't cause irreparable damages to someone else's site. Still a douche move, though.

Article Spins: Totally rewording a noteworthy artistic work to mimic an exceptional amount of knowledge or expertise. Sounds like copyright infringement, but not quite. Since people can't get arrested for it, they assume it's not wrong. Or, they call it "recognizing" greatness...

Content Scraping: Doesn't sound LIKE copyright infringement, because it IS copyright infringement. This content is usually taken from a collection of publishers, and used manipulated to look like common knowledge, or expert knowledge. It is certainly neither. And you could get shot penalized by Google and law enforcement agencies by trying this.

http://seo.eveofsolution.com, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO Marketing, Black Hat SEO
Now that you have some understanding of what Black Hat SEO entails, and the damage it may cause, I would hope that you would not try it out. But what type of person would I be to completely bash something, without providing an upside to it. In other words, the real reason why Black Hats are worn. To detect, corner and eventually catch the criminal, you must first understand them, after all. Furthermore, believe it or not, there are people who simply do not care about being caught stuffing, falsely linking and whatever fake engine optimization is working for them that hour.

One huge reason SEO Warlocks (Black Hats) exist, is because they relish the quick dollar. That being said, a person could make a sizable income, building and destroying useless websites and disrupting Google's rating system. The $3,000 a person makes with each site will definitely add up. And in the end, most bloggers and website owners, are just looking for money. Trying to quit their 9-to-5, spend more time with family, there's an array of reasons. I personally wouldn't engage, because I want to be more Washington Post, than liarsandfakelinks.com. Some people are willing to give up their legacy for material gains. Recognize this, and you won't fall victim to, or accidentally implement Black Hat SEO.

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