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For a public speaker, there is nothing worse than spending hours working on a presentation, only to lose your audience. When you see them fall asleep, play on their phones and have side discussions, it all takes away from the impact you hoped your work would have. That's exactly what happens to someone who doesn't post SEO rich content on their site. If you don't try to achieve optimal results within search engines, you may as well just place your services in the phone book, because you'll have the same chance at drawing an audience there. I have posts delving much deeper into SEO, but for now let this guide introduce you to the process.

So what exactly is SEO?, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO Marketing, New Bloggers
SEO is the acronym for Sorcery... Search Engine Optimization. An internet marketing strategy used to positively effect the visibility of websites, in order to boost non-advertised ranking within a search engine. In short, SEO pertains to the ranking you earn when your site niche is searched for. Generally, the higher your site ranks within a keyword pool, the more likely potential customers are to visit. If you're looking to earn residual income, SEO is one of the most valuable tools you have to offer. Some may argue this point (and I welcome them to) but, I think SEO is actually more important than deep content. Only in the premise of attracting visitors, of course. No matter what you feel, the fact is that Google cannot measure your IQ, or passion. But it can measure how well your site correlates to what people are searching for.

Who cares if my site contains SEO rich content?

You...Google, Yahoo, Bing, but surprisingly no one else. When your keyword placement abilities are at their best, no one will even notice how you've reeled them in. At your worst...your site will be banned from search engines, altogether. Yes, it is possible for a site to be blacklisted. Write posts to the effect of "SEO is good. because SEO gets visits, and chicks dig SEO, too SEO SEO SEO, Search Engine Optimization Rulez!!!" and Google will not recognize your site as one offering relevant knowledge in the area of Search Engine Optimization. You can click here to find out more about these sort of "Black Hat" tactics. We won't focus on that sort of optimization, in this post. In the end, just let your ideas flow in a natural manner, you can add or modify statements to optimize later on.

How do I write SEO friendly content?

Research, research and even more research. Just having a certain word in your article 3,465 times isn't enough to increase ranking. It's all about the context in which you use the words. You have to provide depth. The way people search for words and phrases is unique to each individual. And even then, a person may search for "plumber services" at 8 a.m. and "plumbers near me" at 3 p.m. When you have postings offering plumbing services in a branded location, however, you are within that umbrella. I talk a lot more in-depth about SEO writing here. But suffice to say, that is the basic concept to use through your posts. Just telling the internet what you offer in a variety of ways. Ways you have seen actual people search for recently. And linking that to other articles you have written on the subject, as well.

As for how to figure out the different ways people search for your particular specialty, check out The definitive guide to keyword research." It's absolutely free, if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited!!

In closing, there are many different methods of SEO management. Some search engine ranking techniques may be a bit better than others, that doesn't mean you should employ them all. Do what works for you. Master that process, until it becomes a natural routine. Obtaining your optimal ranking isn't magic. That being said, it won't happen overnight, either. Just keep practicing sound SEO-friendly writing, and you will see yourself on those first two pages on Google in no time.

Gundi Gabrielle offers a veritable library on Search Engine Optimizing in "Ranking 1 in Google - when you have NO CLUE" I learned a great deal from reading this novel, myself. And all that knowledge can be yours, for just $0.99!, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO Marketing, New Bloggers

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