SEO Writing Guide #2

In my previous SEO Writer's Guide, I presented a broad scope of methods you can use to add value to your posts. These time proven methods have helped thousands of sites increase their viability, and will continue as such for the foreseeable future. After understanding the techniques presented in the previous SEO Guide, you will certainly appreciate these simple methods to boost your posts further.

1. Link Your Article To Other Related Content

There are multiple ways to create relevant links to your article. Incorporating them within paragraph text is the most common. Statements such as, "If you enjoyed reading this, then you'll love (link here)" or before you read this article, make sure you understand (link there)" are great ways to encourage readers to look at other content on your site. This isn't the only way to extend your reachm and showcase your relevancy, though. Providing link to outside sources is another way to build up your search engine clout. One website, MOZ.com, offers a plethora of link building strategies. Most of these are easily usable, and may give you the boost you've been looking for, within a week. 

One method that a lot of people overlook is page citing. Not only are you working to build links pertaining to your perceived wealth of knowledge, you are paying homage to those people who may have actually taught you what you know about your niche. Also, you probably legally, morally should provide some sort of insight as to your sources. You certainly weren't born with the inter-workings of Google and Bing search engines imprinted within your medulla. Understand, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging someone else's work. It does not diminish your character in the least. So keep it real, and increase your chances of success at the same time.

2. Obtain Links To Your Content From Other Pages

This is NOT a tricky strategy! Neither is the overall purpose of it. As you build links to others' content to increase your visibility, external links pointing your site help tenfold. If you have written an incredible article, it's likely that someone will include you as a source in their writing, or they included your knowledge within their own site directory. The next technique is absolutely essential to gaining notoriety through other pages.

By the way, please do not paste a bunch of spam links to your site in other blogger's comment sections. It is the easiest way to get shot, stabbed, bur- banned from a site, entirely. And trust me, they will let the world know about the pesky individual who spammed their page with irrelevant links.

3. Share Your Incredible Content With The World

Even if you haven't written the most incredible, engaging and life-altering piece of your life. Post it on your site, share it with an online community (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and start playing the field, so to speak. You'll be glad you did. If you have accounts across multiple social media platforms, you have already been optimizing your site. You probably just don't realize it, yet. Tweets, Pins, and whatever other colloquial names posts go by all serve as links to your site. When members share your content, it makes it easier for search engines to find their way back to you and your site(s). Try to "Google" yourself, or at least your (nickname) handle. You should be able to see your social media accounts, articles you've written and shared, and links to your content from others. Assuming that such links exist. It's incredible how quickly the web picks up what you put down. 

-Remember, it is absolutely essential to make all your content easily shareable! Include social platform links in every single page of your site. Most domain carriers' themes already incorporate this, but there's nothing wrong with making sure.

4. Be Mindful Of Link Saturation

Sharing, giving and receiving back links for your webpages is awesome, right? We shouldn't forget that gluttony is a sin, however. When writing your own articles, do not put links in every single sentence. Google, Yahoo, Bing and even nobodysearchengine.com will view your content as irrelevant, or malicious. A good rule of thumb to use for your linkages is 3-8%. That's the amount of content that your keywords and links should be comprised of. Everything else should be catered towards supporting those keywords. Remember, anyone can say where Walmart is. That's nothing noteworthy. If you can tell someone about a Walmart's inventory, least crowded hours, and quality of particular employees, then your information becomes increasingly valuable. Expansion and brevity are the key, here.

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5. Treat It Like It's Alive

Because it is. You provide your website with breath to speak to the masses, eyes to see across the entire internet and ears to listen to all the haters constructive criticism. That being said, your pages need to be fed in order to grown and thrive. Build upon your pages, and you shall see your baby webpage grown into a domineering force in your niche. Starve your page, by ignoring SEO-friendly practices and link building methods, and it will soon wither away. Maybe not so poetic. But still, you put your name on it. That fact alone should be enough to put real work into creating strong, quality links and engaged visitors.

Thanks for reading my SEO Writing Guide. If you need more information on how NOT to incorporate these techniques, please consult my Black Hat SEO guide. It serves as an excellent way to see Google rank increases from multiple angles. 

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