The SEO Writer's Guide (Optimize Your Ranking Potential)

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.”- Steve Jobs

Generally, we all have a magic vision of the future. Some ultimate reality that could be possible if only this and that happens. The problem with that is, we often have no clue where to begin this vision. Well, look no further. Your vision of increasing your site's notoriety begins here!If you read my first post, "SEO for New Bloggers" then you should have been expecting this little gem to pop up. If not, no worries, the link above is all you need to catch up!

Everyone who starts a website wants some form of traffic
http://seo.eveofsolution.com SEO, writing guide, web optimizationdrawn to it. We don't all want to be the superstar webmaster. But, only having six visitors a week is no fun, either. Sadly, that is a reality some very unlucky bloggers and merchants have to deal with daily. If I were to tell you that you deserve more traffic, I would be lying to you. The amount of traffic you earn is a reflection of how much effort you put in to gaining. That said, you can easily change your fate. Eventually gaining hundreds, if not thousands of visitors, daily. There is only one way to do this: Search Engine Optimization. And, in this guide I will discuss some easy ideas to get you on your way to the internet prestige you've been working so hard for.


First off, you absolutely have to know what you want to do. Have a goal! You don't have to be the master at anything, just yet. But, you should WANT to gain more authority in a particular field. Even the greatest minds on earth still research their specialties from time to time. I'm not talking about your site design, that will change over and over, I promise you. I'm talking about your overall reputation. Do you want to build a social network? Is your goal to have an SEO bible? Do you just want to capitalize on a trend and leave the site, altogether? The choice is yours. A little commitment is all it will take to see it through, though.


Not in a Care Bears sort of way. More of a...this is what I aim to do and, this is how I will accomplish it. Write it out. Recite it. Make a Rap Song ab-... maybe we shouldn't go that deeply into it. The point is: if you don't fully understand why your website would be awesome, why would anyone else. No one is going to click on your link out of pity. They're going to click it because you're the (wo)man!! And because you follow SEO-friendly writing techniques.


Now that you're all hopped up and ready to show the world how truly fantastic your site is, make it searchable. Create a list of twenty different ways a potential client may find you. This will serve as your search engine keyword structure. For example, if your site specializes in country music downloads, you might say a client could find you the following ways:

http://seo.eveofsolution.com SEO, writing guide, web optimization
1. New Luke Bryant Album
2. March 2017 Country Songs
3. Honkey-Tonk Badonka-Donk Download
4. Dolly Parton Greatest Hits
5. New Country Music
6. Craving You Thomas Rhett


As you finalize your keyword queries, consider creating special pages. These pages would be dedicated to the most prevalent amount of searches pertaining to your Niche. For the above example, New Country Music would likely be the most highly searched of all. So, create a page, where you place the hottest songs of the week, or even month. Not only would this be a sound building practice, creating such a simple way to navigate your site will net you more repeat customers. 


For any blogger, one of the greatest failures is to neglect structuring of your content to suit the reader's needs. Many revered bloggers would tell you to just get your first post(s) out of the way, as a way to rid yourself of some jitters. I say, if you take a bit of time and make sure your post is natural, SEO-friendly and engaging. You won't have to worry about it later on. Besides, pretty much every major blogger takes time to plot out every post. Otherwise, they wouldn't rank so high in search engines.
http://seo.eveofsolution.com SEO, writing guide, web optimization

Don't wait your whole life to click "publish". You just need to read through what you're giving your audience, to make sure it's legit and won't get a missile thrown in your direction. Make sure you've completed the purpose of the piece. Check your keyword alignment. Ensure your links point to the proper pages. Evaluate sentence and paragraph structure. Put your own style into each post, to make them even more unique. Treat every post like it's your job to be the authority in your field, because pretty soon, it will be.


A good friend can take care of two things for you, with concerns to your SEO formatting: letting you know if your content is engaging enough. And informing you of whether you sound natural, or not. If your own friends cringe while reading your articles, chances are, you need to go back to the drawing board. You may even want to consult with a professional, if you have that resource available.


I'm not saying that your only purpose in life is to mimic everything that works. But, keep it real. If the competition is getting high quality visits and links, you should understand how they accomplish this. Read their materials, look at the comments on their posts. Notice what they are and aren't doing right. Learning how to better serve the needs of the public will only increase the potency of your site. The greatest SEO tools will always fail to please the masses, if they go towards promoting ignorance and incompetency. You should want someone to learn from your articles. Trust in the fact that your competition will accomplish this. Your goal should be to exceed.


If you only take one thing away from this article, I hope it's that you are the best at what you do. Only you can do it. No one else can be blamed for the monumental success, or the heartbreaking failure of your online ventures. This SEO writing guide will help push you in the right direction, but it won't complete the work for you. Dedicate a little of your precious time a few times a week. Before you know it, the entire optimization process will become child's play. 

I look forward to hearing my audience's feedback on SEO writing. Anything you can contribute to this art will definitely help other readers, as well.

http://seo.eveofsolution.com SEO, writing guide, web optimization

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