SEO Marketing: Finding YOUR Audience

It's hard to stop attempting to find visitors from all angles and avenues, right? I mean, you see successful people everyday on the internet, reaching out to the world. But that isn't the case, at all. Yes, the majority of online success programs do reach out to everyone. It honestly makes sense for them. Most people want to be financially independent, anyway. You're not an internet savvy, six-figure pushing, three-hour work week mastermind though. You're a clothing vendor, a physical trainer, music producer or one of a thousand other specialties. Everyone can't do what you do, and you know it. Everyone doesn't want to learn how, either. Some people just want to enjoy your work, and partake in the art you so masterfully create.

Problem is, you can't seem to find them, anywhere!

That can be frustrating, for most. Downright infuriating, actually. For those who enjoy a challenge, you are just licking your lips ready to dive in! I enjoy a challenge, too. So I've compiled a list of 3 surefire ways you can find your audience with SEO Marketing.

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The first method I want to address should have been the most obvious to me, when I first began blogging. Ironically, it was one of the last methods I tried. I'm talking online marketing forums. Nearly every niche imaginable has a forum site dedicated to it, at this point. If there isn't one, become a pioneer! After all, its your differences that mark you among everyone in the crowd. For the aspiring painter, sharing a Facebook and Twitter post every so often just isn't enough. You have to find people who will be interested in your craft to the point of converting them into customers. ConceptArt.org has millions of visitors pouring in each day to offer advice and find a place to purchase new artistic work. So does Artist Forum. When you first begin, it will seem to be an endless trail of threads and posts. As you traverse the landscape, you'll see just how influential your paintings are to the lives of your new audience.

Speaking of canvas art, try this second marketing hack to back your forum threads. Paint lines back your forums, via your website. Do this vise versa. You may not think of this as an true SERP influence, but that isn't true. As long as your profile and posts on Artist Forum correspond to the meaning of your website, you're in business. Remember, everything you do that envelops the ideals of your website is useful for your future and growth. After all, in the end they are all simply backlinks, right?

Still with me? Of course you are! No way you would miss out on the easiest way to find your audience. My last method is a tried and true SEO hack methodology that's been around for a while, actually.

We all know that if you are on a forum, you have roughly a 99.999999% chance to find someone who is interested in the same thing you are. Well, guess what? So are their friends! This is where reaching out and expanding your community will pay honest dividends. You are now placing your work in the hands of an audience who will subjectively look through it. Believe it, or not, you may even make quite a bit of money from people who want to use your art for their T-shirts. Unlike Twitter Marketing, for example, which sends endless links to ten of millions of people. Users who are already flooded with enough information to forget it all in the next 30 seconds. Win over the crowd that you know is interested in your niche. Save the fishing expedition for your family trip, this summer.

Just to recap, I made a list of 3 B's to finding your audience:

1. Bridges (Find your way to the side of the net your audience sits)
2. Backlinks (Create hyperlinks to and from your forums and site to further your relevancy)
3. Bonds (Foster quality fellowship with the genuinely interested public you've found)

Keep working in this order, and watch the SERP barriers crumble at your feet!

For more of the most relevant SEO tips around, feel free to peruse my other posts at your leisure.

Thanks for reading. I wish you the world of success in the online market!

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SERP Hacks: 5 Tips to Boost New Bloggers' Ratings

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Nowadays, you can start a blog as quickly as you can change a diaper. But, let's face it, simply owning a blog is not what you want. You want to increase your SERP. You want to skyrocket to the top of every search for your keywords. You want your brand to be ingrained into your audience's memory. Not as easy as you'd like it be, huh? But it can certainly be done. The Washington Post, TMZ and World Star Hip Hop did it. Why can't you?

You've already appropriated your keywords, optimized your titles and body and you've created an excellent site map. So, what's missing? These five simple, totally free SEO hacks that will begin pushing you to the top that's what!

1. Use your homepage to funnel link juice to the rest of your pages.

Your home page will have more links than any other page on your site. Ensure that a portion of this authority is placed in the hands of a few of your sub-pages, as well. SEO strategy tip: Although Google renders JavaScript and AJAX very effectively, your safest bet is still plain HTML links. Remember, google values wealth of information over fireworks. Java scripts sending a visitor to info that is regurgitated or otherwise not useful is a waste of programming time.

Great job on putting link to your most important categories in the navigation pane. Want to squeeze a little more link juice out? Include links to important products and offers on your main landing page. Don't have products, huh? Not true! Your feature articles and other pages serving as the life blood of your site are your products. Treat them as valuable items, and your visitors shall reciprocate.
Just like when you are writing articles, links directing a user within the body of your page are much more authoritative than simply using your navigation links.
You’ve probably already ensured that your most important category pages are included in the top nav. But how about including links to your most important products (or the ones that you most want to rank) in the body of the home page? If you don’t have product pages, then feature things like articles and landing pages in the body. Links in the body of a page will typically pass more link authority than navigational links, especially footer links.
2. No more BIG ASS Large PICTURES
In my previous article, the Sonic Engine Searching, I described this as a way to increase overall speed. Well, this hack wears two hats. Remember, Google wants it's users to be as satisfied with landing your landing pages as possible. So, not having a site that takes 7-10 business days to load is a good thing. Taking that few extra minutes to size and format photos to fit your page is equally as important as finding appropriate images to enhance your message. Ignoring this hack will result in lower ranking, unsatisfied users and ruined site conversions.
3. Check that people aren’t linking to pages 
that 404
http://seo.eveofsolution.com, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO MarketingFind URLs on your site that return 404 errors on your site. Be especially mindful of external links bearing this fault. Use Google Search Console to check the 404 pages on your site (if any) and see whether they are being linked to and from. Don't forget that external links should be your main priority to fix, as your link authority constantly recedes while it remains unfixed. Recovering that link ,along with it's traffic free and quick win.
To do this in Google Search Console, go to Crawl > Crawl Errors > Not Found and click on each URL returning a 404. Errors will be sorted from most to least important. Since Google SERP is the one you're likely wanting to increase ranking on, treat this report as sage advice. Each faulty URL contains a “Linked From” tab showing you the URLs linking to the page in question. 301 Redirect these 404 errors to relevant information on your very own site. Then, find another authoritative page with similar information and build a link to that resource.
4. Use Social Media for better keywords and
What better way to ensure that you are publishing fresh and relevant information than to get it from your Facebook feed? Having the answers to the questions people have is what authority is all about. The people will respect you for giving them what they search for, and Google SERP will surely reward your persistence. Publish the information before the competition, and you will be king.
5. Make your competitors' advantage YOURS
Sometimes who you know is just as important as what you know. The highest ranking pages are known to contain dozens of authoritative links. So, where does one acquire such links? At a niche hub! Sounds like a funny description, but it's way more common than you think. Imagine Tech Insider, Elle Magazine and Trip Adviser. These sites seek out to the major players within a niche. Since hubs link to major sites, their links ultimately mean you have a very high standing. You'll want these links in your life! The easiest way to find these links, is to use the SEOprofiler tool. 
Just make sure that you actually need them to link to you, first. A power tool retailer, certainly does no good being linked to a hot yoga studio's blog. 
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Sonic Engine Searching: Speed and SEO analysis

If there is one thing this new generation is known for, it's instant gratification. I want it, I deserve it, it's mine and hurry up are just a few of the thoughts going through most kids' and young adults' minds. And why not? Just because our ancestors were okay with waiting until "Ye Olde Library" opens up to research topics, doesn't mean we should inherit the same frame of mind. And with all that humankind has learned these passed eons, our products should work faster anyways. Faster cars, faster women food, and faster site download speeds too. If, after reading this article, you don't feel the need to check and improve your site speed, be prepared for your site to turn into dinosaur.com very fast!


http://seo.eveofsolution.com, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO Marketing, Speed AnalysisIf you feel the above line of questioning is appropriate, your site probably takes humanity back 200+ years per visitor. And that's fine. I'm not here to judge you on preserving tradition. Just keep this in mind. As time passes, the number of people who are willing to take a bathroom break while your Grimoire loads is fast dwindling. 

More often than not, having a site that loads in under 1.5 seconds is the most achievable end state, for a beginner. The actual end-user expects your site to completely load in under two seconds. After you learn the ins-and-outs of site management, you can very well shoot for that optimal .4-sec load time. If you are curious how your website performs in the wolves' den, test it using Google Page Speed Insights. SEMrush also offers a very comprehensive performance test. What this tool offers is insight on how to increase your response and load times, in conjunction with basic critiques about your current rating Two tasks that will help you gain tremendous search engine leverage within your niche. And what better way to appease Google's engines, than to follow their exact guidance?


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Simple answer, dial back on the bells and whistles. We all like the cutesy artwork, that corresponds with our metadata, that adds relevancy to our topic, that doubles as a back-link to another award-winning post. I love it, too. Just compress the files with TinyPNG before uploading them. Conducting a JS inventory works very well also. Take a long, hard look at the add-ons you have following visitors, as they scroll down your posts. Do you really need a dog to bark every time I reach the bottom of your page? Does your subscribe button need to a popup, following header an HTML position between every paragraph? 

The web-host you chose certainly plays a critical role in how fast your site loads, also. Cheap-o-sites just doesn't work as well as WordPress, no matter how you slice it. If you find your current host lacking, you may need to find a new landlord for your site.

Another thing to keep in mind are those interesting little ads on your page. Remember, those are 3rd-party requests, which won't even be handled until your site has already finished downloading. Too many ads will slow your page to a crawl and scare away any potential repeat loggers. Ads do you no justice, without a public to view them.

Balance the appropriate usage page speed improvement tools, image compressors and SEO, while making your site as memorable as possible. For the right reasons, of course. Usage, popularity and monetization will soon come to pass in near legendary fashion.

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Paid Versus Organic Traffic: Should you pay for Optimization?

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The great Lil' Yachty said, in a heated debate with Veteran MC Joe Budden, "All publicity is good publicity. I (Yachty) do not care how I'm viewed in the media, as long as I'm still viewed". I beg to differ with this statement. Why? Because I'm not a multi-million dollar earning child, with no responsibilities. In my world, you don't burn bridges before you drive across them. And you do NOT want anyone's view of you to take food out of your mouth. That being said, I also don't think it's okay to fake relationships, just to get by. In the blogging world, there are plenty who share Yachty's view. Who approve any methods being used to force media attention, and standout without being outstanding. I'm not here to put down anyone's routine. But let's be honest, any old attention isn't good for website owners. My Black Hat SEO and Writer's Guide detail reasons you should shy away from some forms of publicity, or traffic. Paid traffic being one of them.

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Simply put, paid traffic occurs when money and/or services are exchanged to increase your site visits. For most people, it is seen as a chance to make your site stand out among all the others on the internet. Not to be confused with giveaways used to draw attention to your webpage, in which a person may, or may not actually receive anything when they log on to your site. The most common misconception of most web entrepreneurs is this formula: one million visits = $1,000,000. This is one reason why paid web traffic has started to become such a booming business. Another huge reason is that most people assume their Google search rankings will increase the instant they do better numbers than another person. Even someone who just read SEO for dummies  two minutes ago knows this isn't true, at all. Your ranking will still mainly depend on how relevant your information ACTUALLY is. So, if your ranking doesn't increase, and you may not make any extra money...why would someone waste their time on paid site visits?


The actual answer to this question may certainly differ from person to person. What I can tell you, without a doubt is that there are three common reasons that a person will pay for website traffic:

Notoriety: Some people just want a meter that says, "987,654,321 people have visited this site." And they want this for good reason. Believe it or not, any site that garners millions of visitors is sure to peak your interests. Even if that site is catered to something you have never cared about in your life. Human instincts. We tend to follow crowds. If your fried bologna sandwich tutorials appear to be the new trend, people will somehow believe that they need to order a cast iron skillet from Amazon. They will also head down to their local grocery store and buy ungodly amounts of bread and lunch meat. Which bring me to the second reason people are willing to pay for website traffic.

Affiliation: If blogging had a motherland, all webmasters would give their left elbow to resides in this buxom lady's womb for all time. For most bloggers and site owners, this is exactly what we want from the first letter that we type into a web page. Sadly, there are some affiliates who do not accept lowly sites who do not host at least 2,000,000 sites. There are sites who do allow affiliation from small-time blogs. Any affiliate is going to want to see some type of turnaround for their membership opportunity, however. Word of advice, friend: If you have to pay for visits just to qualify for an affiliate program, you should just wait to apply until your site grows a bit. I know it sounds awesome to instantly have the bombest dank bologna skillet sandwich vids on the net. Earning that title (not sure why you want it) is even better though.

http://seo.eveofsolution.com, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO Marketing, paid trafficMisunderstanding of Search Engine Optimization Principles: As I mentioned before, some people truly believe that their 675,334,741 paid site visits a day is helping them climb the SEO ladder. While it's true there are monumental benefits to garnering that much HUMAN (organic) traffic, that isn't the case when inflated views come into question. Backlink, keyword, image tagging and metadata mastery are your keys to happiness, when you plight is SEO implementation. Popularity and relevancy will never be one in the same, no matter how much reality TV seeks to prove otherwise. Google knows this. So, as long as our geek friends value useful information above all, there is still hope for your site. (slow clap ensues).

In closing, if you believe that you honestly need to pay for site traffic, be sure you know what you are getting for your money. Everything that glitters isn't gold, after all. You may see your site visitor counter go crazy. But there still could be no true benefit to this. Be sure to reply below to let me know how my own insight helps you create a better site. To find even more useful SEO tips, subscribe using the link above. 

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