Paid Versus Organic Traffic: Should you pay for Optimization?

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The great Lil' Yachty said, in a heated debate with Veteran MC Joe Budden, "All publicity is good publicity. I (Yachty) do not care how I'm viewed in the media, as long as I'm still viewed". I beg to differ with this statement. Why? Because I'm not a multi-million dollar earning child, with no responsibilities. In my world, you don't burn bridges before you drive across them. And you do NOT want anyone's view of you to take food out of your mouth. That being said, I also don't think it's okay to fake relationships, just to get by. In the blogging world, there are plenty who share Yachty's view. Who approve any methods being used to force media attention, and standout without being outstanding. I'm not here to put down anyone's routine. But let's be honest, any old attention isn't good for website owners. My Black Hat SEO and Writer's Guide detail reasons you should shy away from some forms of publicity, or traffic. Paid traffic being one of them.

http://seo.eveofsolution.com, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO Marketing, paid traffic


Simply put, paid traffic occurs when money and/or services are exchanged to increase your site visits. For most people, it is seen as a chance to make your site stand out among all the others on the internet. Not to be confused with giveaways used to draw attention to your webpage, in which a person may, or may not actually receive anything when they log on to your site. The most common misconception of most web entrepreneurs is this formula: one million visits = $1,000,000. This is one reason why paid web traffic has started to become such a booming business. Another huge reason is that most people assume their Google search rankings will increase the instant they do better numbers than another person. Even someone who just read SEO for dummies  two minutes ago knows this isn't true, at all. Your ranking will still mainly depend on how relevant your information ACTUALLY is. So, if your ranking doesn't increase, and you may not make any extra money...why would someone waste their time on paid site visits?


The actual answer to this question may certainly differ from person to person. What I can tell you, without a doubt is that there are three common reasons that a person will pay for website traffic:

Notoriety: Some people just want a meter that says, "987,654,321 people have visited this site." And they want this for good reason. Believe it or not, any site that garners millions of visitors is sure to peak your interests. Even if that site is catered to something you have never cared about in your life. Human instincts. We tend to follow crowds. If your fried bologna sandwich tutorials appear to be the new trend, people will somehow believe that they need to order a cast iron skillet from Amazon. They will also head down to their local grocery store and buy ungodly amounts of bread and lunch meat. Which bring me to the second reason people are willing to pay for website traffic.

Affiliation: If blogging had a motherland, all webmasters would give their left elbow to resides in this buxom lady's womb for all time. For most bloggers and site owners, this is exactly what we want from the first letter that we type into a web page. Sadly, there are some affiliates who do not accept lowly sites who do not host at least 2,000,000 sites. There are sites who do allow affiliation from small-time blogs. Any affiliate is going to want to see some type of turnaround for their membership opportunity, however. Word of advice, friend: If you have to pay for visits just to qualify for an affiliate program, you should just wait to apply until your site grows a bit. I know it sounds awesome to instantly have the bombest dank bologna skillet sandwich vids on the net. Earning that title (not sure why you want it) is even better though.

http://seo.eveofsolution.com, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO Marketing, paid trafficMisunderstanding of Search Engine Optimization Principles: As I mentioned before, some people truly believe that their 675,334,741 paid site visits a day is helping them climb the SEO ladder. While it's true there are monumental benefits to garnering that much HUMAN (organic) traffic, that isn't the case when inflated views come into question. Backlink, keyword, image tagging and metadata mastery are your keys to happiness, when you plight is SEO implementation. Popularity and relevancy will never be one in the same, no matter how much reality TV seeks to prove otherwise. Google knows this. So, as long as our geek friends value useful information above all, there is still hope for your site. (slow clap ensues).

In closing, if you believe that you honestly need to pay for site traffic, be sure you know what you are getting for your money. Everything that glitters isn't gold, after all. You may see your site visitor counter go crazy. But there still could be no true benefit to this. Be sure to reply below to let me know how my own insight helps you create a better site. To find even more useful SEO tips, subscribe using the link above. 

http://seo.eveofsolution.com, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO Marketing, paid traffic

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