SEO Marketing: Finding YOUR Audience

It's hard to stop attempting to find visitors from all angles and avenues, right? I mean, you see successful people everyday on the internet, reaching out to the world. But that isn't the case, at all. Yes, the majority of online success programs do reach out to everyone. It honestly makes sense for them. Most people want to be financially independent, anyway. You're not an internet savvy, six-figure pushing, three-hour work week mastermind though. You're a clothing vendor, a physical trainer, music producer or one of a thousand other specialties. Everyone can't do what you do, and you know it. Everyone doesn't want to learn how, either. Some people just want to enjoy your work, and partake in the art you so masterfully create.

Problem is, you can't seem to find them, anywhere!

That can be frustrating, for most. Downright infuriating, actually. For those who enjoy a challenge, you are just licking your lips ready to dive in! I enjoy a challenge, too. So I've compiled a list of 3 surefire ways you can find your audience with SEO Marketing.

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The first method I want to address should have been the most obvious to me, when I first began blogging. Ironically, it was one of the last methods I tried. I'm talking online marketing forums. Nearly every niche imaginable has a forum site dedicated to it, at this point. If there isn't one, become a pioneer! After all, its your differences that mark you among everyone in the crowd. For the aspiring painter, sharing a Facebook and Twitter post every so often just isn't enough. You have to find people who will be interested in your craft to the point of converting them into customers. ConceptArt.org has millions of visitors pouring in each day to offer advice and find a place to purchase new artistic work. So does Artist Forum. When you first begin, it will seem to be an endless trail of threads and posts. As you traverse the landscape, you'll see just how influential your paintings are to the lives of your new audience.

Speaking of canvas art, try this second marketing hack to back your forum threads. Paint lines back your forums, via your website. Do this vise versa. You may not think of this as an true SERP influence, but that isn't true. As long as your profile and posts on Artist Forum correspond to the meaning of your website, you're in business. Remember, everything you do that envelops the ideals of your website is useful for your future and growth. After all, in the end they are all simply backlinks, right?

Still with me? Of course you are! No way you would miss out on the easiest way to find your audience. My last method is a tried and true SEO hack methodology that's been around for a while, actually.

We all know that if you are on a forum, you have roughly a 99.999999% chance to find someone who is interested in the same thing you are. Well, guess what? So are their friends! This is where reaching out and expanding your community will pay honest dividends. You are now placing your work in the hands of an audience who will subjectively look through it. Believe it, or not, you may even make quite a bit of money from people who want to use your art for their T-shirts. Unlike Twitter Marketing, for example, which sends endless links to ten of millions of people. Users who are already flooded with enough information to forget it all in the next 30 seconds. Win over the crowd that you know is interested in your niche. Save the fishing expedition for your family trip, this summer.

Just to recap, I made a list of 3 B's to finding your audience:

1. Bridges (Find your way to the side of the net your audience sits)
2. Backlinks (Create hyperlinks to and from your forums and site to further your relevancy)
3. Bonds (Foster quality fellowship with the genuinely interested public you've found)

Keep working in this order, and watch the SERP barriers crumble at your feet!

For more of the most relevant SEO tips around, feel free to peruse my other posts at your leisure.

Thanks for reading. I wish you the world of success in the online market!

http://seo.eveofsolution.com, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO Marketing

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