SERP Hacks: 5 Tips to Boost New Bloggers' Ratings

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Nowadays, you can start a blog as quickly as you can change a diaper. But, let's face it, simply owning a blog is not what you want. You want to increase your SERP. You want to skyrocket to the top of every search for your keywords. You want your brand to be ingrained into your audience's memory. Not as easy as you'd like it be, huh? But it can certainly be done. The Washington Post, TMZ and World Star Hip Hop did it. Why can't you?

You've already appropriated your keywords, optimized your titles and body and you've created an excellent site map. So, what's missing? These five simple, totally free SEO hacks that will begin pushing you to the top that's what!

1. Use your homepage to funnel link juice to the rest of your pages.

Your home page will have more links than any other page on your site. Ensure that a portion of this authority is placed in the hands of a few of your sub-pages, as well. SEO strategy tip: Although Google renders JavaScript and AJAX very effectively, your safest bet is still plain HTML links. Remember, google values wealth of information over fireworks. Java scripts sending a visitor to info that is regurgitated or otherwise not useful is a waste of programming time.

Great job on putting link to your most important categories in the navigation pane. Want to squeeze a little more link juice out? Include links to important products and offers on your main landing page. Don't have products, huh? Not true! Your feature articles and other pages serving as the life blood of your site are your products. Treat them as valuable items, and your visitors shall reciprocate.
Just like when you are writing articles, links directing a user within the body of your page are much more authoritative than simply using your navigation links.
You’ve probably already ensured that your most important category pages are included in the top nav. But how about including links to your most important products (or the ones that you most want to rank) in the body of the home page? If you don’t have product pages, then feature things like articles and landing pages in the body. Links in the body of a page will typically pass more link authority than navigational links, especially footer links.
2. No more BIG ASS Large PICTURES
In my previous article, the Sonic Engine Searching, I described this as a way to increase overall speed. Well, this hack wears two hats. Remember, Google wants it's users to be as satisfied with landing your landing pages as possible. So, not having a site that takes 7-10 business days to load is a good thing. Taking that few extra minutes to size and format photos to fit your page is equally as important as finding appropriate images to enhance your message. Ignoring this hack will result in lower ranking, unsatisfied users and ruined site conversions.
3. Check that people aren’t linking to pages 
that 404
http://seo.eveofsolution.com, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, SEO, SEO MarketingFind URLs on your site that return 404 errors on your site. Be especially mindful of external links bearing this fault. Use Google Search Console to check the 404 pages on your site (if any) and see whether they are being linked to and from. Don't forget that external links should be your main priority to fix, as your link authority constantly recedes while it remains unfixed. Recovering that link ,along with it's traffic free and quick win.
To do this in Google Search Console, go to Crawl > Crawl Errors > Not Found and click on each URL returning a 404. Errors will be sorted from most to least important. Since Google SERP is the one you're likely wanting to increase ranking on, treat this report as sage advice. Each faulty URL contains a “Linked From” tab showing you the URLs linking to the page in question. 301 Redirect these 404 errors to relevant information on your very own site. Then, find another authoritative page with similar information and build a link to that resource.
4. Use Social Media for better keywords and
What better way to ensure that you are publishing fresh and relevant information than to get it from your Facebook feed? Having the answers to the questions people have is what authority is all about. The people will respect you for giving them what they search for, and Google SERP will surely reward your persistence. Publish the information before the competition, and you will be king.
5. Make your competitors' advantage YOURS
Sometimes who you know is just as important as what you know. The highest ranking pages are known to contain dozens of authoritative links. So, where does one acquire such links? At a niche hub! Sounds like a funny description, but it's way more common than you think. Imagine Tech Insider, Elle Magazine and Trip Adviser. These sites seek out to the major players within a niche. Since hubs link to major sites, their links ultimately mean you have a very high standing. You'll want these links in your life! The easiest way to find these links, is to use the SEOprofiler tool. 
Just make sure that you actually need them to link to you, first. A power tool retailer, certainly does no good being linked to a hot yoga studio's blog. 
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