The Truth About Online Get Rich Quick Schemes

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We've all been tempted by them. Those unbelievable online ventures that will give you the financial freedom you've deserved your whole life. They say you don't need any talent. That they will supply you with everything needed. Just follow and succeed! Online get rich quick schemes have been popping up on the internet, since the turn of the century. And they aren't about to stop anytime soon. So what's the take away, here? Is there honestly some totally epitomic formula to generating millions in a single breath? The truth... yes, there certainly is. The problem... you will never find out what it is by following a "simple" five step program.

Success only comes before hard work in the dictionary. Is that what you believe? If so, you're a lost cause to the lords of the get rich quick scheme. They need someone who thinks no one worth a fortune works a day in their life. It's fun to imagine logging on to your computer for two hours a day will net you $86,790 a month. Don't get me wrong, there are people who make it to that point, eventually. The initial stages of their sites are filled with pain and hard fought sales. Take Darren from Pro Blogger for instance, he wasn't born a genius salesman. His first blog was terrible!! And he'll admit it to you with no shame. But he kept working at it, and now he's made millions from online projects. If you want to do the same, I would advise you heed my sagacious advice.

Don't believe for one second that someone wants to give you the key to your happiness. We all want something in return. It's not evil, not selfish, not unbecoming of a human, it's universal truth. The man who would give any perfect stranger all they have, has nothing valuable to offer. That's why it isn't cherished so much. The next time you have the opportunity to join a simple fast and workless program. Ask what it entails. I'm sure you'll be told that after you pay, everything will be revealed. And there we have the truth of the scheme. The secret is to convince a person that your book, program or strobe lights are revolutionary. And that their "small" investment will go towards the next family vacation. Meanwhile, people who are actually successful will tell you the undying dedication they place into their work.

Success is a journey, not a bungee jump! You have to keep practicing. Mold yourself into the quintessential entrepreneur, and you will be blessed, beyond measure. Continue to pay $39.95/month for an online success kit, and you will forever live in the shadow of your true potential.

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SEO Writer's Guide #3: Three tips for SEO Marketing with patience

Usually when bloggers and website think of SEO writing, they picture some needlessly complicated algorithm that only certified professionals could possibly understand. Not true at all. If only there were some certification out there to help me garner larger wages for being a sound writer. In truth,
there isn't a MAGIC formula. But, there is a formula all the same. Furthermore, this formula won't yield instantaneous results. Anyone who tells you this is certainly deceiving you. It's all about marketing with patience, my friend. SEO supremacy doesn't happen overnight, but it does occur. This quick read will put you on the way to achieving your optimization goals.

1. You Have To Be A Bit Messy... Leave MARKETING Breadcrumbs For Your Visitors

http://seo.eveofsolution.com #SEO #Google No one can navigate your webpage better than you. The way you categorize your posts, the very unique placement of them and the way you conveniently place small links is an algorithm only you and Einstein can understand. But that is never a good thing! When visitors have a bit of trouble navigating your site, because you hid the button they are looking for on the bottom left under the copyright clause where any self-respecting genius would search for it, you lose repeat visitors. Try this, instead. Create logical categories for all of your posts. Place it in the side pane of your site. At the end of your posts, leave links to a few others that are in the same category. Or, at least pages that expand upon the topic you wrote about. And always have a visible way back to your landing page.

2. Use Your Metatags and ALT Text To Make Things Easier On Humans And Search Engines

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Like I said before: SEO isn't the name of some magical formula, but it is a formula. Don't assume the work ends when you make sure every paragraph contains your keyword(s) and 30 percent have a key phrase placed within. The graphics you use must also be tagged appropriately. Don't forget that Google, Yahoo and Bing all have image results, as well. Those breathtaking photos you spent the last hour compiling are wasting space if you don't tag it correctly. Put your website name in the alt-text. Type those subtle keywords into the metatag space. Really emphasize your site and the post in the description section. These breadcrumbs provide a wealth of information to someone trying to determine whether your site is worth visiting, or just another scroll through.

3. Be As Relevant As Possible Within Your Posts

I can't emphasize the importance of this final step enough. Relevance is the highest contributing factor towards the mythical #1 Google ranking. If you don't have it, no SEO "specialist" can simply give it to you. Keep this in mind: the crawler bots and other creepy things watching your site search for keywords and phrases. They also search for relevant contextual information. This means you can't write: Jordan, Jordan, Jordan the Retro VIII is dropping June 17th then follow it up with Netflix 'n chill and expect a human or search engine to take you seriously. There is no need to fill space with empty remarks. Work a great opening statement, then get down to business. 300, 500, 1500 word posts, it makes no difference. Don't count the words, make the words count.

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